The Neville Staple Band Live, October 2018

Want to be entertained this Halloween? Neville Staple is stopping in Chesterfield, Derbyshire for one of his most explosive and engaging live performances to date, bringing the iconic sound of British Influenced, Jamaican ska to The Avenue. This live event, packed with ska classics, will be part of our October Halloween party with special guests THE SKA45’S + DJ BASH.

Here at The Avenue, we’re seeing a huge interest in this fantastic skanking get together, with ticket sales coming in from Sheffield, Mansfield, Derby and Stoke. Not to mention the dedicated fans, who will be travelling the country to be part of the action, for one of the liveliest ska gigs set to happen in the UK.

Wanting to join the party and to see their unmissable live performance? See the event details here and book your tickets while they last!

Come and See ‘The Original Rude Boy’

Frontman, Neville Staple, is part of the widely popular ‘The Specials band’, although you may know him as ‘The Original Rude Boy’. With a career extending over 40 years, Neville Staple is known to have changed the face of pop and has had a hugely successful career in the music industry. Some of his most popular ska classics include “Roadblock” and “Return of Judge Roughneck”.

Neville has had a long-lasting career and continues to produce popular music, most recently working with charities, schools and universities. In 2009, he released an autobiography titled ‘The Original Rude Boy’, telling the story of his journey from his home country, Jamaica, to England. The autobiography also gave an insight into how his interest in music developed from the 60s and how he climbed the ladder to success.

What style of music do they play?

Neville Staple was and continues to be the forerunner of the ska movement, but has also incorporated other genres such as two-tone and new wave into his music over the years. He achieved this by combining Jamaican style music, which he gets from his heritage, and English style which he picked up throughout his career.

This blend of British Two Tone and classic Jamaican sounds is one that never fails to generate a lively atmosphere, with previous shows being described as a feeling of pure joy; ‘The Original Rude Boy’ always makes sure to deliver an explosion of skanking at his live performances.

Where is he from?

Originally born in Jamaica, Neville Staple moved to Rugby in Warwickshire at 5 years old, before moving again to Coventry. This is where his music career began, forming a crew named ‘Jah Baddis’, before being involved with The Specials.


Come and watch them at The Avenue in Derbyshire

We are excited to announce that original rude boy will be returning to Chesterfield, performing at our Halloween party here on our very own stage. The Neville Staple Band will be playing ‘The Specials’ songs, as well as Neville Staples own material from his solo career. You won’t want to miss this live event!

To join the party on the 26th October at 7:00pm-2:00am, buy a ticket for just £12.50 from our events page, or get in contact with us on 01246 235 899 for more information on the event and what you can expect on the night.