Happy Mondays Live Event, December 2018

That’s right, the incredible alternative rock band, ‘Happy Mondays’ will be making their first appearance at The Avenue, this December! Pioneers of the Madchester sound, the Happy Mondays have reformed for an unmissable live event here in Chesterfield, ready to deliver an explosive performance of sounds, influenced by acid house, funk and psychedelia.

The chance to see the Happy Mondays Live, the band that bridged the Manchester independent rock music of the 1980’s and the newly emerging UK rave scene, has been gaining a lot of attention, with ticket sales heating up from across the country, for what will be an electric get together.

Not to mention the incredibly talented supporting artists; Tom Hingley and The Karpets, the original front-man of Inspiral Carpets, with the brilliant backing of ‘The Kar-Pets’, an Inspiral Carpets tribute band. Along with ‘The Wonderwhys’, the Midland-based Rock, Funk and Pop band, here with a set list of explosive covers.

Interested in joining the party and witnessing the Happy Mondays Live, at this incredible live event? Find out the details here, and make sure to book your tickets while they last!


The Legendary Happy Mondays

In case you didn’t already know, the Happy Mondays are an English alternative rock band, originating from Salford, of Greater Manchester. Formed in the 1980’s, the band has been through several reformations and are now back, for an electric live event, with the famous Shaun Ryder on vocals.

The Happy Mondays experienced their largest success with the releases of the iconic albums ‘Bummed’ (1988), ‘Madchester Rave On’ (1989), and the UK platinum ‘Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches’ (1990); the latter album also featured the singles ‘Step On’ and ‘Kinky Afro’, which both managed to chart at number 5 in the UK singles chart.


What style of music do they play?

Near the end of the 1980s, the Happy Mondays had become an integral part of the music scene in Manchester and were seen as the personification of rave culture at the time. The Happy Mondays fashioned a combination of indie pop guitars, with a rhythmic style that was heavily influenced by house music, funk and northern soul. Although their music was also a hit with popular DJs of the time, who remixed their tracks to add a further emphasis to the dance aspect of their songs.


Come and watch them at The Avenue in Derbyshire

Are you ready to experience the return of the Happy Mondays live, performing right here in Chesterfield, for an unmissable December get together? The Happy Mondays will be playing from a list of their hottest ever hits and are sure to work up an incredible, electric atmosphere. You won’t want to miss this!

If you’re wanting to get in on this fantastic live event, on Saturday 15th December at 7:00pm-2:00am, you can purchase a ticket here for just £34.00 from our events page, or get in touch with us on 01246 235 899 for more information on the event, and what to expect on the night.